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Thread: no input signal with lilliput

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    no input signal with lilliput

    I have an toughbox 16-zotac and 10.5 inch touch screen lilliput. I have no input signal to the screen. I have try two other monitors with their cabling and same response. I am pretty sure it is in the computer but like to know if anyone first ran into this and second know how to test that. It all work at one time but was shelved as I did a frame off on the truck. Now going back together it doesn't work. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Also lights on computer board vcc led and 5v dual led. are there any other lights that should be on?

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    Not sure on all the details, but the was my experience w/ a lilliput 7. First, try replacing the cable. Second if you are using windows 8, make sure you boot to desktop and not win8 ui. Due to these monitors being less than 1280x800 (the 16:10 of 720p) win8 would not load to then. You can google how to win8 ui on 720 and there is a way to change the registry to support it. For other OSs, not sure what the issue is.

    To determine this issue, i brought a pc monitor out to the car and dual screened it. Boot to the pc monitor, log in, and go to desktop. The plug in the lilliput and extend desktop.

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