So Ive built quite a few of these but figured Id share this here with yall. One of my biggest irks with tablet dashes is they dont look clean and I wanted to design a system that allows a completely clean "factory" type look. So I set off designing it and building it. I use a galaxy tab 2, unrooted. I wired in a switched 5v charging port off the truck and use tasker to control the tablet, ie when truck turns on the tablet turns on and when it turns off the tablet turns off. I also use navigation and obdii bluetooth and fun stuff like that as well as tablet talk for text messaging from the truck. the whole thing mounts in the stock location and pops in and out easily. Anyways enough talk, Ill show some pics of my work. tried to take some pics of my airbrushing woodgrain but the camera has trouble picking up the shades. let me know what yall think

how they start

and end