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Thread: Citroen C5 Intelligent In-Car Computer Project

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    Sounds exciting to me...

    I really need to learn how to build my own pcboards..

    But anyhow, I would most certainly be interested in more information about the boards and if I have to write my own firmware I am quite OK with that if you can offer simple guidance. I have an extensive programming background in many different languages doing all sorts of things.

    What kind of processor is on that board and what is it written in? Or if you have a web site you can direct me to that would tell me more on the processor used on your boards? (I am assuming you used C on the board or maybe even C++)

    I have a box made by another forum member that has Tire pressure monitor, 2 sets of backup sensors, ODBII, Phidgets (Digital and analog IO board), GPS.
    Sounds like your board has a better low level CAN BUS support and some other stuff. I like the 8 camera inputs on it since I plan to add a series of them on my truck.

    If you are willing to let me get a copy of your software and a set of these boards I would love to try getting them working with my truck.


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    Processor : NXP 1768 ( NXP 17xx series)
    CAN: TJA1055
    GPS: u-blox Neo 6m
    Bluetooth: an oem serial protocol
    Regulator controller : LTC3780
    Sensors : BMP180 + DS18B20 + MPU 6050 + AK8975
    GSM: SIM900A

    Language: C

    You can send mail to me if u want to know any other details. kempsun#gmail

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