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Thread: BMW E36 Alarm OEM Style Start Stop button Remote Start and Smart Key Passive Entry

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    BMW E36 Alarm OEM Style Start Stop button Remote Start and Smart Key Passive Entry

    When i decided to install the tablet i wanted something that turns my lovely E36 into a unique one.
    I came across this system online and i decided to DO IT.

    Actually installation with pretty easy to me because i already had an aftermarket alarm installed so all i had to do is take the wire from the old to new one.
    Which took me about 45 Minutes.

    The main part is to connect it to the ignition wires which took me the time thinking then i did it.

    I got it from eBay just look for Easycar Alarm E8B or try this link if it still available

    I contacted the seller and he was kind to ship worldwide to me in Egypt.

    E36 BMW start stop alarm installation:

    Today later i will post a review video for this installation

    *What i forgot to mention in the video that we are just lucky because the car that shows on the LCD remote is a BMW hehehe*
    There is also 2 AUX out put for windows sunroof bla bla but i didnt connect. And it says if you have two cars you can control them with the same LCD.

    What i still have to do is cutting the key blade and stick the transponder to it and close the ignition with a cover so i forget about it. Dont worry your car will not be stolen for two reasons.
    First you have cut the starter wire second this alarm has a starter koll so your car will not start unless your Remote in Range.

    My Tablet installation Is over here also:
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