Hi Everyone

Started on a CarPC install on my Renault (Dacia for other countries) Duster. Its a compact car, not spacious enough to play around with big sized stuff.
Some story behind this project is there on my blog.

The idea was to write my own Frontend to as much as possible. Make everything suit to my needs. However, a good product needs third eye and critical review to get better. So I here I am posting some screenshots and feature list. Please advise on improvements and additional stuff which should be cool to add-on to.
If it turns out to be a functional GUI, it will be available for free to the reviewers here

Here is my pc and monitor.

PC is a Dual Core i3 with intel HD Graphics 4400 (more details on my blog)
Monitor is a 10.1" Capacitive (10 point touch)

Here is the Project on sourceforge

Frontend Screenshots

1. Home/Main Screen

2. Music Player

3. Movie/Video Player

Feature List:
a. Play Music/Movies/Video Songs
i. Music Player is in-built
ii. Videos launched in VLC Player (so VLC player default installation required) "since VLC player has the best codec support"
iii. Movie information is synced from OMDB (Hence the Posters/Plot Summary/Cast/Genre etc)
b. Maps
- Bing Maps API integrated (needs active internet connection)
- Locations can be searched, marked and saved (can load back later)
- "My Position" will be available (via a gps receiver) and continuosly updated
- Plan and store your route stops, software will remind you when you are approaching the pre-planned stop
- Can keep your ICE (emergency contact) updated with you positional info (lat, long/City/Place/landmark name) after every fixed interval
- Weather information of the route
c. Parking camera view
d. Feeds - Can read latest news/updates from you favorite sources (google news/twitter etc.)
e. Phone - Phone connectivity over Bluetooth (Voice Calling/Dialing)
f. OBD-II Diagnostics - ELM327 over bluetooth
g. Apps - Fuel consumption Log, Trip logs/diary etc.

As of now, more than 90% or work is in progress. But need some advice/feedback on GUI improvements and other important features.
Must have/Cool to have features - every suggestion is welcome.

Hope to hear some comments from the experts here.