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Thread: 3D Car Visulizer - Virtual Tuning Fitting Room

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    3D Car Visulizer - Virtual Tuning Fitting Room

    was thinking if this off topic or still project show off. I guess last one.
    So we been working in the project where we can select car and dress it up with parts like rims body kits etc.

    We need to brin it to next more fun and more impressive level, so looking if there are people here who love their cars and know everything about your car models. Like i know all about Benz but totally blank on other makes. So maybe there are people who want to join our team to build your car lines and list all upgrade kits available for that car.

    Please let me know
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    Trying to access your link but get all sorts of warnings from Google not to enter. When I bypass them all I got was as message as below. Very confusing!

    All It says on page is 'Yes this is the mobile layout file.'

    Using Samsung Note 3
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    Typo error

    Quote Originally Posted by site
    3D Tuning and Rendering service is an excellent way to preview how your rims and wheals will look on your car. Select wheal that you like form the list below and click "Activate on Car" button to add that model to your car preview window. Once part is installed you can rotate your car by holding left mouse and moving cursor. You can select another wheel and tire style as many times as you want. Hold left mouse button and use scroll wheal for zoom in and out. You can even paint the rim to match your car style or make your custom unique combination. Our entire inventory are real parts, you can click Details and Vendors to find out more about selected rim model and manufacturer. We will also show list of stores that sale that specific rim. If you like the rim or how it looks on your car click Thumbs up to like it on Facebook.
    See form should be from

    *Edit 1 :Plus, it doesn't really work for me.

    Just get the text 'Done, pick a car' and the spinning bars.

    I picked a couple of cars and it doesn't change

    I am using IE9 though, so maybe that's the issue

    *Edit 2 :In Firefox I get the trusted site warning

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