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Thread: 2008 Acura TSX (nexus 7 tablet install)

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    2008 Acura TSX (nexus 7 tablet install)


    Wanting to share my latest work on my 08' TSX. I have done SEVERAL changes over the years, I have "settled" upon this current layout.

    I had a carpc in 1st , which served me faithfully for many years. I grew tired of it. I waned something more "modern" in terms of interface and apps.
    In comes a tablet, relatively cheap for a multi-touch display, constantly updated apps, and touch friendly interface.

    The TSX's radio and the A/C controls share the same circuit board, which makes for a very interesting project. (read: not much space to work with in terms of putting anything where the stock radio normally would be)
    Taking cues from someone's project I stumbled upon in acurazine, i noticed in order to make space for the tablet, he cut the top most screen off.
    This has no negative effect on the functionality of the a/c or even the radio itself. Everything still works, i just wont be able to see what's going on with the radio. lol
    I planned to utilize an aftermarket radio (Clarion FZ501) i had from years ago. I love this radio because of its minimalist design. I despise tons of buttons.

    The carpc is still in the car, it is now only used as massive storage and to stream local music and movies to the tablet via Plex.
    It has a 500gb HDD and 32GB SSD

    There is no screen connected, it functions as a headless appliance. I RDP to the machine from the tablet in case i need to do updates or check on a few things.

    I use a mini router to network all devices. The carpc connects via Ethernet and nexus 7 connects via wifi.
    The router supports WISP , so it automatically connects my phone's hotspot when detected.
    I have setup, via Tasker, to automatically toggle hotspot mode when my phone connects to the car's OEM Bluetooth.
    The factory Bluetooth can connect to my phone from a decent distance away from the car. Thus, but the time i get in, everything is already online and waiting.

    Please enjoy some pictures.

    Name:  completed.PNG
Views: 3371
Size:  1.22 MB

    Stock Radio
    Name:  before.PNG
Views: 1963
Size:  265.6 KB

    Back of stock Radio
    Name:  before - rear.PNG
Views: 1944
Size:  309.4 KB

    Radio and A/Circuit Board (Top Screen is for the radio, needs to be removed!)
    Name:  circuit board - before.PNG
Views: 2006
Size:  1.29 MB

    Used a dremel and cut the screen off.
    Name:  circuit board - screen cut off.PNG
Views: 1945
Size:  1.41 MB

    Filed down the Pins as close as possible to the board.
    Name:  circuit board - pins cut down.PNG
Views: 1962
Size:  1.29 MB

    Completed fabrication of "holder" for tablet
    Name:  after.PNG
Views: 2202
Size:  517.9 KB

    Mold for aftermarket radio
    Name:  mold for radio.PNG
Views: 1863
Size:  992.2 KB

    Preparing to use bondo to take the curved shape of the dash
    Name:  preparing for body filler.PNG
Views: 1809
Size:  435.4 KB

    JBL - MS8 Sound processor (screen)
    Name:  jbl ms8.PNG
Views: 2008
Size:  1.30 MB

    AMPs and Carpc
    Name:  behind rear seat.PNG
Views: 1914
Size:  1.32 MB

    12" Alpine Type R Sub-woofer.
    Name:  sub.PNG
Views: 1848
Size:  1.41 MB

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    Very nice detailed work, great job SNO

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    Great work!

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    thank you ! @ sno

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    Nice project. Well thought out!

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    Nice work. I love it.

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