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Thread: 2004 Subaru Forester XT Dual screen CPU monster

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    2004 Subaru Forester XT Dual screen CPU monster

    I have been building a computer for my forester for a long time now and thought it was about ready to be posted on this forum. Still have a bit of work to do but it will get there. Im going to be copying over my build thread from and be found here if you would rather read it from there. Thanks for looking!

    Hey everyone, I bought a 2004 forester XT a little over a month ago and I figured it's about time to start a journal on it. I have big plans for the car they just might take a little while to execute. My goal for this car is to get most of an STI swap in the car, I don't want to go to crazy because this is my DD but want some more power. Since I bought the car I haven't done much to it yet but I do have some parts coming in.

    The first thing I did was fitted some old rims I had to it. The car came with 17s and I just like the look of 18s on it better. I'm not sure the type of wheel I put on it but they came with an Impreza I bought awhile and I think they look good. I'm in the process of plasti dipping them Copper right now.

    After this I ordered a Cobb Accessport V3 so that I could run the Stage 2 map, after doing this the car opened up quite a bit and I am very happy with it. Once I get a new turbo, TMIC, header, and a new catback I will take it in to get protuned. But for now I think the Stage 2 map will suffice.

    My first bigger mod was going to be an STI steering rack because I don't like the feel of the forester rack but this is on hold right now because I got a rack off of an 05 sti and need to buy a crossmember for it to fit and will probably swap out the MM with some nicer ones while I'm in there.

    Lastly, something I have been working on for a long time is a carpc. I will hopefully be starting to install this this week but it will be a long process with a lot of trouble shooting, but the idea is that I will be running 2 double din touchscreens and the computer will be able to do Bluetooth calling/streaming, Radio (obviously), store music, have full navigation, plug into my OBD2 port and read out gauges, have a reverse camera, and ill be experimenting with other options for it also. In the picture I have it set up with a bigger touchscreen and a double din, the bigger screen wont be used in the actual setup I just use it for testing.

    Finished plasti dipping me wheels and mounted them today, going to get the wheels aligned after work today as I will be driving to Detroit tomorrow for the Detroit auto show

    Little bit of progress done last night. Started wiring in the second battery with an isolator up front to handle the charging. This will let me run the computer on a separate battery so I don't have to worry about draining my primary. It should also make wiring everything for the pc a bit easier.

    Made a little bit of progress on the CarPC today. Got the computer itself mounted in the back and ran most of my accessory cables. HDMI, USB, etc and also ran the big 4 gauge cable for the battery in the rear. I have some power blocks and more cable coming in tomorrow so I should be able to get this booted up either tomorrow or Thursday.

    Sorry that the picture quality is kinda bad this time, my phone wasn't focusing very well.

    And this is just my makeshift work bench will all the parts that will be going in

    Finally got the PC in the car and booted up this weekend. Still have to wire in the speakers and everything for the radio/music to work but the OBD2 is useful now. I have a second screen coming in that will replace the stock radio and when this happens is when ill wire in the speakers.

    More progress done on the Fozzy. Both monitors are in and working together gorgously. I added some dashcommand skins that I thought where cool for the top screen, LFA style gauges, c7 style guages, and a STI boost style guage. Also, the last picture is of a switch assembly i bought to wire in the computer kill switch and also the switches to turn off or on the monitors if necessary.

    LFA Style
    This pic is kinda blurry so I added another with it on the other monitor

    C7 Style

    STI Boost

    Random one i though looked nice

    and Switches

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    Welcome to the forum! Looks like your making great progress, keep up the work log for all to see. Good luck SNO

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    Finally got around to doing a little bit more work on the Foz. I got the switches mounted where the heated seat controls used to be and I also wired in my volume knob which I still need to mount in the middle by the switches. I also got the switch working with my front end software centrafuse


    Volume Knob

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    Haven't posted in here in awhile but that's mostly because I haven't been able to get much done lately. I have been having problems with my isolator/power and both of my batteries have eben running dead. I think im going to switch to a smart solenoid instead. Anyway here are some more pics of where I am at now.

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    Awesome, nice build!

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    Nice work - which app did you use to integrate DashCommand into CentraFuse?

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    Good work . I especially like the switches (I'm a sucker for the little details like the engraved lettering).

    Keep us posted
    Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.

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    Good job bro. I'm planing this too. My 7" lcd waiting for this

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    This is coming along nicely.
    Can't wait to see it completed.

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