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Thread: smart ForTwo USB Single DIN + Tablet Velcro

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    smart ForTwo USB Single DIN + Tablet Velcro


    Awhile back, I modified by dual din with some velcro to handle my tablet. Now I've integrated my USB charger into the DIN slot and properly mounted my head unit.

    Gallery Link

    I wish I could of made the front mounting more pretty but it'll work for now!

    Get a dual DIN cradle for Smart
    Extend the mounting slots to mount the head unit further back
    Get some Plexi, dremel, epoxy, paint and USB charger

    All-in-all, my first "build" with plexi, I'm personally satisfied how it turned out. It can be reverted to stock at anytime.

    As for the wiring, I tapped the USB charger into the Accessory and Ground of the head unit. As USB devices don't pull many Amps, it has been working perfectly so far.

    As for software, I use the AutoMate Beta which is a Android Auto clone:

    I still need to build my tasker profiles to automate operation, I also have a Tab 4 8" with LTE to replace the Wifi only Tab. I also need to mount a microphone (headunit has a jack) so I can use voice control while driving (as tablet blocks head unit mic).

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    Welcome to the forum! Very creative on the install. Good luck SNO

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    You should download autosleeper as well. It'll turn off the display and activate airplane mode without tasker and it can resume your music

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