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Thread: 2003 BMW M3 Custom Dash / Overhead Console

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    Quote Originally Posted by dasha877 View Post
    Gork - I have to revive this discussion, as I do in fact get amp pop. Any reason why I would experience it given what you stated above? I have an HK system running headless. I read that Zebel had the same thing. Any ideas?
    I seriously doubt you are having real "amp pop". Most likely you have "Soundcard Pop" where you get a pop when your computer turns on. The pop is coming from your soundcard. Onboard sound and cheap soundcards are pretty notorious for this kind of problem and it's not really cheap or easy to prevent while still using such a device. The way to do it is either with a device that will delay turning the amp on until after your computer is started or will delay (and dampen) the audio connection until after your computer is started. Both devices are available and any car audio expert can direct you to one, but they are more expensive than the following solution:

    A good sound card will not do this. I have firsthand experience with Creative Audigy2/NX USB and M-Audio USB devices with the HK amp and they do not pop. It is possible that BMW has changed amp models or something and are now building E46 cars with amps susceptible to this kind of problem, but I doubt it.

    If you hear the amp pop even with your soundcard's audio disconnected from it, then we'll have to figure out what's going on with that -- if that is the case you probably have a bad ground connection on your VEN4/SVEN4/Whatever else you use to convert unbalanced to balanced...
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    You power the amp through the pc power supply. Problem solved.

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    I am trying to do the same thing you did with the firewire bridge, but can't figure out how to get it to work. In short I purchased a super slim panasonic cd/dvd rom. I ran the firewire from the computer to my center console where I want to install the drive. I plugged the ide into the firewire bridge, and also plugged the power from the bridge to power on the cdrom drive. Just there is no power nothing is turning on and I have no idea if the bridge is even working. Thanks for your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gork View Post
    Yes; the amp is on the driver's side behind the trunk panel. Both the regular Alpine and HK use the same harness.

    If you just want to use the factory amp w/ no headunit, the easiest way to do it is to attach to the factory stereo harness rather than trying to splice into the wires that feed the amp. Unlike aftermarket amps, the only plug on the amp is a ~40 wire connector that is going to be a real pain to tap into. You can do it by just buying a BMW harness from Best Buy or any car stereo shop. Hook the harness connector up to the outputs of a Peripheral Electronics SVEN4. Loop the 12V ignition wire to the 12V antenna wire (this is your amp turn on wire also) and you're all set to plug RCA audio into the SVEN4. Another user has suggested to me that you use a line driver to turn your stereo audio output from the PC into higher voltage RCA input for the SVEN4. This is recommended, but not absolutely necessary.

    You are basically going to build yourself one of these except you will probably be using an SVEN4 rather than the VEN4 that I used (it is now discontinued):

    The biggest advantage for using this method of attachment is that you do not have to cut any wires! It's just like plugging in an aftermarket headunit. In fact, aside from looping the iginition wire back to the amp turn on, this is how you wire aftermarket headunits in the E46 to the stock amps.
    wat color/pin# is the antenna wire that needs to be looped with the switched 12v?
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