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Thread: DSCustoms flush indash, VIA m10000 DONE! tons of pics and info

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    So I assume that you'll be at the Raceway? I live about 1/4 mile from the raceway right along Hwy 20. You'll pass right by.

    Have fun!
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    Lets see- yes, I kept the touch overlay.
    the material around the screen is accrylic. It has properties very similar to plexi. The acrylic is very thin, so it keeps the screen fairly flush.

    The Accrylic is cut in the shape of the lcd,
    (with a hole in the center) so it fits over the touch "glass plate"

    Yup, Ill be at the track this weekend

    The extra controls are nice - I think you mean the keypad and mouse -
    For precision movements - (like my lousy GPS software, ) the mouse is great to click a tiny street or road.

    If you are refering to the buttons for the LCD - the original buttons are still there (just under the dash) I didnt chop up the circuit board. I just soldered on extra wires, and ran another set of buttons for various LCD adjustments around to the other side of the dash. And yes, I use them. (turn down the contrast at night)
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    How is your 6ch out wired. Is the sound good? I'm trying to do this in my car but i'm not sure how to wire in the 6ch out.
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    Yes, how is your 6ch wired/does it work. I have a M10000 and can't get the other 4 channels to work with any volume. Some audio seeps out, but nothing loud enough to really use. What bios/driver version are you using?
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