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Thread: 2003 Kia Optima stealth install

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    i like it perhaps not where id put the screen, but its cool

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    Hey blurp, I'm with you on this one.

    I have been debating for a while whether to do a hard install on the monitor or have it free floating like yours. My idea differs from yours a bit as I would have it up near the Head Unit for normal purposes and perhaps a second mount point on the back of the arm rest for the folks in the rear (just till I find a second or third rear video solution). I like the idea of removing the LCD from view and even being able to take it out of the car and into a house. Something that putting it in the dash doesn't afford.

    I thought it looked odd at first too but I think it's extremely practical and I for one am planning on doing something similar. Perhaps not as high and back as yours but something close to it... Probably mounted on a custom center console close to or touching the dash with a lil right and left pivot room. I have a sunroof and like to drive with it open. That means more light in the front and I have no tint on the front windows. Going to have to be able to swivel that thing a bit.

    Great work! Just cause it's not an Uber Cool in dash solution doesn't make it any less useful. Perhaps if the mount for it came from the center console horizontally out and then up a bit to the ball joint? Would look more like an extension of the Arm rest and would position it perfectly at your fingertips without having so much of a pole look.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

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    I like his setup on the computer part and yeah, as long as he puts it in the glovebox so no one sees it, whats the big deal? It works, doesn't it?

    If you can't see the computer in the picture then you don't need to talk **** about how bad it looks.
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    lol this is funny

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    This is my try at puting screen in Optima(Majentis)2.5L. The rest isn't done yet but have a look...

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    so i saw your fist picture and i thought you were a hack job, then i saw your webpage and i am very impressed, i feel like the hack job.
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