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Thread: 2003 Protege5

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    2003 Protege5

    hey guys here's my setup. . .ill just link it to the otehr forum taht i populate

    it is similar to elemental's setup as we did ours at around the same time . . .only think i want to do is tho clean up my case and how it is mounted under the seat

    LCD mount
    finished setup

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    nice setup.. on a side note.. thank god there are no pictures in signitures on this forum
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    Looks very good. You should have bought the expensive tape to mask the CF. You ended up with crooked lines. It is a shame. It isn't very noticeable and is not worth redoing. Very professional looking. Very good work with the bondo (i am noticing waves and bumps in mine and will have to strip it back down to the plastic and bust out the sand paper) I am very impressed on how you molded it in your dash.


    No kidding. They are so distracting
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