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Thread: The perfect display?

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    The perfect display?

    I will update this when i have official pics. But for now i dont have actual pics of my setup. however i have had it all in my car running perfectly onthe stock navi screen. i just want to hear any opinions on the dash mounted navi utilization.

    My Hardware
    Acura TSX w/ Navi
    Epia 9000
    Casetronics case
    voltage regulator

    Although this setup rocks, i feel like i cheated a little on the display. What are your opinions?

    I will post better pics when its all done.

    I am still undecided on the GUI. But text in windows is hard to read. I am using composite out from the Epia. No way to use the s-video, unfortunately.
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    Nice! Very nice!
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    It's not like you're claiming you built it from scratch.. I say go for the stock nav screen for your PC if you already have it and using NTSC composite doesn't bother you.. The screen is far brighter than the things we lowly DIY guys get

    What someone really needs to do is sell us a damn 7" 600 nit VGA screen that takes an illumination wire input for backlight dimming. I'd pay $700 for such a screen in an instant!

    BTW, your actual nav screen LCD panel is likely using an RGBS panel controller which can be adapted to hook into VGA with the same hack published around here for the PSOne video screens. If you have an oscilloscope and maybe a frequency counter (or a buddy who is pretty darn good with electronics) you can figure out what the screen wants and probably get VGA on it.. maybe not very high resolution, but still way better than the composite you're using now.

    Good luck with the rest of your install!
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    man, i love that car, but i think those guage needles would drive me crazy!! Very nice install.
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