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Thread: 1997 VW Jetta GLS Install

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    some questions

    first off, nice install. i'm going to do this to my 94 jetta GL hopefully soon. I saw the cupholder as a decent place to put my setup, but I decided against it because of how it's located. (isn't that hard to see/touch? i want my passengers to be able to play with it, but for me to be able to use the tscreen without having to reach over and stuff...)I have no stereo in my car so I think i'll make a cover plate for its hole and mount a Xenarc 7 inch screen onto it. I was also looking at one or more of the following options.

    1. put the computer under the airbag/glove box. seeing as you've done this before, do you think it'll fit?

    2. Yank out the pass. airbag (it's useless anyway, just costs me money when I have to replace it) and mount the screen in there.

    3: mount the TV in the steering wheel.

    the cupholders on our jettas are pretty much useless anayway, because you can't fit any cups in there, they all hit the bottom of the ashtray.

    let's keep in touch on this one. peace

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    The cupholder location is easy to do, but it is a little tricky to use. I find that it works alright, I can glance at it to see what is playing or to select music or to see GPS directions. It works for me. I am going to install a text-LCD on the dash by my wheel for current/next track info.

    You could get a computer in the place where the airbag goes, for sure. There is enough room. Or in the glove box, if you don't want to use it You could mount the LCD in the passanger airbag, but I think its too far to easily/safely reach.. Then again, I am only like 5'10" so it might be diffrent for you.

    Mounting a TV? In the wheel? First off, why a TV? Then think about the wheel.. Heh.. I am replacing my wheel with a MOMO racing wheel (Gotta love the look) and I don't think it will have enough room to do it with. Also, it would be a ***** to select stuff while turning

    Regarding the useless cupholders, look into the 1996 Passat cup holders, they attache to the side of the console, might be better. They actully fit cups, too!

    Some pictures of my new computer case:

    And some car pictures:

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    Hey Can you Fix the Picture links. That page is now owned my a domain full of spyware.

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