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Thread: 2000 UK Nissan Primera Carputer Project

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    2000 UK Nissan Primera Carputer Project

    Had the PC in for about 8 months now and its just come out again for an overhaul to make it a bit more user firendly!! I'm running an 800mhz Via Epia system wired direct to the 12V through a DC-DC regulator so I dont need to mess with any big converters.

    Its running Windows XP Home edition (Just upgraded that to windows XP tablet edition for new touch screen I'm getting).

    I tend to use it for MP3's and Video's but I'm looking to get it hooked up with GPS and whatnot during this year.

    Heres a few Pics of V1... This was when touch screens were too expensive to buy so I went for an alternative setup with keyboard and mouse instead!

    Cut my dash up a bit to make room for the screen:

    Here it is in the car after lots of smoothing in lol:

    I then grafted a laptop touchpad into the lower console where the ashtray once was:

    Again after a lot of smoothing in it fits quite well:

    I then grafted a mini keyboard onto a sunvisor mount so I could type stuff when I needed to:

    Gonna be a few changes for V2..... will obviously have a touch screen in place of the old one, I'm gonna be cutting the dash up some more to hopefully relocate the stereo back in there too! Will keep you updated with pics and whatnot.

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    very nice... i like your fibergalss work.. geez it makes our cars interior look 110% better
    It aint no family car.

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    your fiberglass work is amazing, looks really slick.

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    Very nice work! I like the keyboard visor, but don't think I could use it!

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    Question Touchpad

    Nice !!!!!

    Could You tell me where I can find a informations (pins) to conect a touchpad.
    I have a sony vaio toch.

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    The touchpad I had was taken from a shop till. It was already wired up to a PS2 socket so I didnt have to worry about that. Each one is gonna differ anyway depending on manufacturer but if you rip it out it should be fairly self explanitory. you care gonna have x axis, y axis, buttons, ground and live I would have thought.

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