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Thread: 1998 Dodge R/T - Construction/Pre-Install

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    Very nice. How did you attach the LCD to the ceiling? Did you screw into the metal or anything? As far as the PC, good luck, I'd recommend a case for you thought, instead of a sheet of MDF or particle board, whatever that is.
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    I have no problems with Hibernation and XA-300.. although Media Engine doesn't show up again after hibernation.. that may be the problem. I just turn off the computer every time and start it up every time.. takes about a minute or 2.

    The LCD is attached with a custom C bracket. It is mounted in the same hole where the sun roof controls where screwed in.

    Why do you recommend a case for the mother board? It will be going in the trunk area in version 2.. but what could happen with it mounted on the peg board? - Fiberglassing Tutorials!
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