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Thread: *almost* Completed Car computer

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    Heh, I beat you all. I have a 2DR 1967 Malibu with a 383 stroker. I only pay $200 a year. Total. I am 18, totaled one truck, and have 4 speeding tickets, two of the 4 in excess of 100 MPH. Ain't life fair?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxAndyxX
    I took on this project because being 16 in Edmond, Oklahoma there isn't ***** to do...
    Hey, what happened to your pictures?
    My first attempt at a carputer.

    PM me if you're interested in a monitor faceplate for your '99-'04 Golf or Jetta. My Vortex ID is NorthAtlR32 - you can IM me there, too. Go here for more information.

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    Hi andy! I love you!

    EDIT: Dammit, I need to stop leaving my name signed on at my GF's house!

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    I do rather like yourcarputer, I dont know what that whole "hi any" thingy was about, but $5000 a year for insurance? Mine is only $200 a month with a 2 door v-8. And I pay more then anyone Iknow.
    Progress,.... that is what I keep forgetting ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by albysure
    xxandyxx try this out for a volume control
    Sweet. I never thought of getting a volume control like that. Then the carputer could be cranked all the way up. I might buy one of them.

    Oh nice carputer and car. Did you pay for the car or do you have really nice(rich) parents?
    Um, I guess this is where you put something witty.WITTY

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