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Thread: 98 Lexus GS300

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    98 Lexus GS300

    Here are some pics of my car pc install in a 98 GS300. The applications and menus are all controlled by Girder(

    The Lexus Sat Nav displaying the carpc main menu-

    MP3 player running showing album art and spectrum analyser. LCD showing track title etc-

    Round green switch on the right is the ignition overide and the black button above it swaps between the Lexus Sat Nav and the PC. Just visable in the foot well is the IR receiver for the steering wheel remote-

    PC in a mini-itx case. To the right is the display adapter. Above is the power supply and FM modulator (just need to make a wood box to cover the mess)-

    Power supply including low drop out regulator and automatic startup/shutdown controller adapted from -

    PC composite to Lexus RGB converter-

    This forum has been a great help in configuring the setup.

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    nice work, your custom software looks good, and the Address Book is a great idea (Coyote ) i like the character lcd display u got goin, its for displaying pc temps?

    how did u connect it up? to serial port?

    great install should look good once u cover up 'The mess'.
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    Your ride is a Right Hand Drive, which country are you from.?

    The screen looks pretty sharp, care to share more about your screen.?
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    The character LCD is connected to a serial port. It mainly displays track titles for Media Jukebox and WMP. Its fitted in the ashtray and was made by cutting out a small piece of aluminium and covering it with stick on wood effect plastic and spraying with some clear coat.

    I am from the UK. As I had the built in Lexus Sat Nav screen I wanted to use that rather than bolt on another screen. The downside is the screen is pretty small and I have had to use composite (TV) out on the PC which is not as good quality as the RGB screen can handle. To overcome this I used the largest fonts available in Windows and used Girder HTMLOSD to design the menus.

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    Great work.
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    Wink Mrs Jeremiah

    Wow, looks like a hot pc you've got goin on in your motor! How did you get the pc configured to the lcd defination required? You from the UK?
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