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Thread: My car is now on the front cover of Total Car Audio magazine (UK)!!!!

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    looks good ..

    good work

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    Quote Originally Posted by bertybassett
    yeah they was there to cover up me farts.

    Im impressed with what you did with the fto ac controls, where did you relocate the vents too? or did you just scrap them, im currently doing an install on my fto, just looking for ideas so far im using the double din purely for a 7" tft, was goona go motorized single din and use the other din for a control panel pc in boot etc, and another 7" touchscreen where the clocks are on top of the vents, not sure i want to lose the vents
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    wait does he own or did he never start (as plugge...he last page)?
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    yeah I own the rights to but I never got round to starting up the business.

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