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Thread: '99 Mazda Miata w/Media Engine

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    When the computer comes out of hibernate can you still control the XMPCR unit if you left the software running, or is it dead?

    Quote Originally Posted by jhwelsh
    I had some serious issues with the XM software provided with the reciever. I ended up using xtremepcr for the time being until they integrate XM into Media Engine. I do however have to turn off the software before hibernating the system; if I don't the XM receiver mixes with the rest of the audio.

    One thing I did notice is even in hibernate mode, the XM receiver's green LED stays on, regardless of the software mode.

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    Here's some pics of my setup:

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    I have a Miata also, I gave up on installing computer in the car. As I blinded by the the sun, half the time I am out in the car. Did either of you take precautions or make accomadations for better visibilty of the screen?


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    Hello great instalation, also ive got a miata, but in spain, now im setting up the pc, next weekend ill try to put in my lilliput, in-dash.

    Last weekend i try to enter it in a single DIN but its impossible, the lilli cant fit there.

    great colour....

    this is mine

    see you

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