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    I'll see if I can get some next time I have it apart.

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    Very Very nice install what components did you use? I was going to put a pc in the trunk too....Can u pm me the list of all the things u have in the PC in the trunk? I need somehelp on making a computer....dos the Asus mobo have a intel series? instead of a AMD?

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    The more I look at those projects the more I feel like a stinking noob

    00 Saturn SL2, boosted @ 8 psi - CarDomain
    Newest install - my quickest ever
    My 2nd carputer - b4 I broke the touchscreen
    My very first carputer - voted the most ghetto

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    What regards cooling, imho, I'd rather bet on a/c being installed on to it. That's if you have a/c in whol car, of course. It sounds not being too hard to install a couple of 1/4" or 2/5" copper pipes (even already insulated should have been available at some local a/c shop/guy). Those should run from your original a/c evaporator to the pc compartment where another evaporator (even not too big one) + a couple of fans should be installed. The connection to original a/c is in parallel and made via some T-connectors - screwable, crimped or soldered. The pressures to hold are not low but not too high too - around 8atm.
    Of course the system must then be re-checked for hermeticity and re-filled. Oh, yes, that is not cheap, but you get exactly what you states - run everytime, everywhere, any duration.

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    Nice setup.

    With respect to cooling: I learned with my saltwater reef aquarium that using a fan to blow in and a fan to blow out isn't as efficient as using two fans to blow cool air in. Using 2 fans to blow hot air out usually ends up with dead fans due to the heat.

    I would highly recommend having your fans blow cool air in and venting the exhaust.

    Hope that helps.

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    Why copper pipes? Coudn't you use the "hose" that's used for the home AC installs to connect the external unit to the internal one? Although I still think it's a little too extreme...
    As the technology advances more and more, I'm sure in a year or so we'll be looking back to the heat problem and say "this is so simple".

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