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Thread: Jeep Grand Cherokee Install

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    Hey Taylormade,

    I know this thread has been around for a while and don't know if Taylormade is even around anymore. Hopefully if you are you can answer a question/request for me.

    Can you elaborate on how you closed off the vents where you had installed the screen? Also, if you have any pictures of that process would be helpful as I have an 1998 Gc that I would like to do the same thing to.


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    Dude, the DVD-Drive in the back seat is pure genius! Nice job....
    Carputer Progress
    [||||||||||] 100%
    Finally Installed!!
    Everything is in the car and working.
    I painted the cilpboard mount and it looks good.
    Shutdown/Startup is working excellent!
    View My Progress Here

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