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Thread: My 2001 Sport Trac Install

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    My 2001 Explorer Sport Trac Install

    Well after much deliberation I avoided the home grown PC option in favor of a prebuilt PC I picked up on E-bay. I have built many PC's but I have found I am getting lazy in my old age.

    My Setup:

    Cappuccino GX1 PC (E-Bay $280)
    1 Gig Celeron
    256 MB Memory
    40 Gig Laptop Hard Drive

    Lilliput 7" TouchScreen (MP3Car $278)
    First Location:

    Current Location:

    iFree RF Wireless USB Keyboard w/Track Ball Mouse (E-Bay $32)

    Laptop Notebook Car Airplane DC Power Adapter Charger (E-Bay $27)

    Netgear USB 802.11b Adapter ($17)

    USB Hub ($10)

    Multi Slot Flash Card reader ($10)

    ITPS (MP3Car $42) (Installed)

    Update: 5/20/2004

    CoPilot Live (MP3Car $280)
    Radio Xtreme ($57)

    Grand Total: $614 + $280 + $57 = $951 (Ouch)

    Software: Frodoplayer 1.04b, Streets & Trips, Co Pilot Live/7

    I was going to originally Bondo the screen into the Dash but it looked so good where I temporarily mounted it that I am having second thoughts. The screen comes with a mounting base. I made a wood platform and mounted the screen base to it. Then I wrapped the whole thing in a black rubber mouse pad that closely matches the original rubber insert. Opinions?

    I wired an external power switch to a button on the side of my center console to remotely turn on/off my PC. I am now going to wire that to an ITPS when it arrives. I set the BIOS to hibernate the PC when the power button is pushed and the PC automatically turns on when power is applied.

    I replaced the cheap 9-Pin connector that came with the lilliput. It was a source of much trouble an consternation. It never made good connections and eventually failed. I used a serial DB9 connector which works great.

    I investigated the Auto Power-on method that involved installing a capacitor and a resistor but I was uncomfortable with soldering such tiny connections. I opted for an alternative that combines the shorting of the power button with a cut-off switch. This allows me to set the Screen to always come on when power is applied but also to temporarily disable this feature when I need to use the other buttons.

    I originally had the PC in my glove compartment but it got way too toasty in there. Upwards of 155 degrees. I relocated it under the back seat. Much cooler now.

    I am currently using a Garmin Etrex GPS connected to my PC with a serial cable and have Streets & Trips as the interface. I will probably get co-pilot 7 and a usb gps next year.

    And finally there is my "High Tech" security system for preventing prying eyes from tempting any passers by from enjoying my work a little to much.

    Update: 5/26/2004
    I went ahead and mounted it in the dash. Gotta come up with a revised security system.

    Update: 7/7/2004
    I found that the hooks fit perfectly into my air vents. Works well and I dont have to reinvent the wheel.

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    A most excellent idea for security!

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    Sunny Florida
    Great install! It seems you like to take a lot of notes when you drive...
    - 3+ years & still no carputer!
    - Done collecting parts
    - Currently planning setup

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    Nice....but do you ever park uphill?

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    Turned out really nice. Between my post and your post over the weekend I guess we are up-to-date on each other setup, are we still having lunch next week?

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    I've got a sport trac to and have been thinking about fiberglassing it into the console because I hadnt seen one done like this and I really like it and I am going to skip fiberglass after seeing this. How did you get ur audio setup?

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    My truck came with a 6 CD In-Dash changer that had no way of taking an audio input. A PIE connection was also not an option so I bought a CD/Cassette Deck off of ebay, removed the Face Plate and inserted a cassette adapator to feed in the audio. I then ran the wire from the adaptor behind the face plate and out the back so it was not visible.

    Izik: Not sure what you are talking about. You must have me confused with another member.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wkolodny
    Izik: Not sure what you are talking about. You must have me confused with another member.
    I guess you just never read my posts... ask Steve who "Izik" may be

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    My Bad

    Sorry Ron. Brain Fart. I actually never knew your ID. Steve never told me.

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    Very clean install. I just finished my install on my 99 Ranger. My dash bezel is almost identical to yours, so I'll get some pics up tonight and show you what it looks like with a 7" LCD flush-mounted into the radio bezel.

    99 Ford Ranger - Bagged and laying frame

    Current Carputer project:
    Custom mounted 7" LCD w/ TSK in radio bezel
    Custom center console for relocated headunit
    Via Epia M10000

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