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Thread: 2003 Mazda 6 Carputter

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    VGA and USB extensions are working allright. You needed 5 meters extensions one my point of view. I will need them for touchscreen and GPS, but doubting still about instalation. Did you take them on the sound side or on the power one? or by the center of the car?

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    I wired my VGA & USB extensions on the sides along with my audio cables. I was afraid I might have to run them through the center but thankfully everything worked out perfectly and did not require and additional work

    Btw. Forgot to email you the boot screen. Will do first thing tomorrow morning! Too tired right now *falls asleep*
    VIA Epia II
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    90GB Wester Digital
    Bluetooth/Deluo GPS
    Lilliput 7" Touchscreen
    Mazda 6 Carputter > Click Me!

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    Tell me about your LED under dash lighting...

    Where did you buy your LEDs?

    How are they wired in?


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    Nice car and nice setup. So did you even complete a fiberglass case for the comp? I like the footwell lights. I was planning to do something like that with cold cathodes in my car and make a switch to turn off the stock footwell lights.

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    WOW! I have a 04' 6 Wagon and i love it! I never visualized such potential for it! Currently i have a hand me touch screen velcroed to my dash hooked to a laptop beneath my seat with a weak sub in the trunk. Your pics have inspired me to do so much more, I have a couple older P3 computers doing nothing at the moment. Looks like i have a lot of homework to do before im fully ready to tackel this project. You have any screen recomendations?

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    That is ridiculously awesome!

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