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Thread: in dash touch screen in Vaux Corsa (UK)

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    in dash touch screen in Vaux Corsa (UK)

    hiya, im pretty new to the site.

    last year i replaced my ps2 and 7" screen (mounted in dash) with a 7" lilliput touch screen (removable) and PC in my glove box (90% finished)

    i wanted the screen to be removable as my car attracks a LOT of attention (see it to belive it!) so i hand made the pod to hold the screen snug

    all the cables are held behind it where the heaters used to be (now use the 2 outter most ones)

    the PC i bought for 200 UK pounds, it was ready made and is called "U BUDDIE" cant find too much info but it basicly has everything onboard needed to run a everything, although i would like to increase the RAM and HDD later on, and also a DVD

    it has 2 led lights which come on when it powers up (using a 12v laptop addaptor as it had an external power brick orriginally)

    the glovebox lid has been modded to house a flat part to run the optical wireless mouse off, and holds a mini keyboard easy (the latches have been moved and replaced with strong magnets as the catches were removed) the back of it has been cut and vented, the PC runs pretty hot but had no problems as yet!!

    id LOVE to be able to add an external fan, GPS mouse and DVD in the near future, oh it also runs bluetooth and a webcam which i have in the rear bumper!

    any more questions ask me [email protected]

    cheers !!

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    and if u wantto see it from the outside, see here

    sunglasses at theready !!

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    Looking good

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    sorry mate i have NOOOOOOOOOOOOO idea what ure on about !! lmao


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    Spot the missing object here


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    Everything is missing!!!
    Here in Portugal we have great weather, lots of brunnets, party a lot,drink a lot....

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    What do you do if your batery are dead?
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