Honestly guys, I wanted to do an incar PC, but it was absolute hell thinking about stripping down my leather iinterior to get all those cables running back and front..

As for the invertor, I assumed it was going to be horrid, but it turned out ADVANTAGEOUS... I used a relay against my starter and accessory wires of my ignition so now i don't need to have a tank circuit. BTW, there is no noise at all from the invertor throughout the whole system, until I bought the stupid AV cable from Sounddomain.

I am on a fix for this... But right nwo, i am working on custom fiberglassing everything into my dash...

thanks for your opionions..

I believe later when i have more time, i may go the PC route, but with my boot up time of 5 seconds, the versatility of a wireless remote, and simplicity of the xbox console, i am goign to have a tough time adjusting.

As for USB GPS, i think it is possible if you run linux..