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Thread: '91 Honda CRX 80% complete (caution 56k users)

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    '91 Honda CRX 80% complete

    For the past three months I have been reading the threads on this forum and I just wanted to thank MP3car and all of its members for providing a place to grow with knowlegde. Now, I can finally post my first thread and show all of you my progress.

    Please be brutally honest with my work. I still have much to learn.

    Setup includes the following:

    EPIA M1000
    80gig HD
    512mb ram
    Slot load cd-rw/dvd drive
    7" Lilliput
    Delourme GPS
    Compro TV/FM tuner (not installed yet)
    Opus 90w
    Bluetooth dongle for SE T616 (for PC control and PhoneControl)
    300w inverter (not installed yet)
    modded XBOX (not installed)

    Nakamichi HU
    Eclipse 4212 amp
    2 Eclipse 12" subs
    Boston Acoustic components

    Please visit my homepage for more pictures
    Project CRX

    Lilliput turned to VIDEO 1 (rear camera)


    Rear camera

    Fiberglass box with Rage Gold filler

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    is your rear camera where the key unlock usually is for your trunk?
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    I'm so jelous of the in-dash setups!
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    Thumbs up

    Excellent work...looks fantastic!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mp3mike05
    is your rear camera where the key unlock usually is for your trunk?
    I had no other place to put the camera unless I drilled a hole in the body kit. Now I have to use the trunk lever up front to open the hatch, no biggie.

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    Thanks for all the praise, it really means a lot coming from you guys. I'll make sure I post an update of any changes, especially in the trunk, which should be done soon.

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    Is that camera waterproof? How did you seal it? I'm just wondering about what happens in heavy rain or when you wash you car how it holds up.

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    The camera is waterproof, I got it from this guy on Ebay. Here's the link Reverse camera. To prevent any water coming in, I lined the front of the camera, the part that is in contact with the hole, with some some extra sound deadening material I had laying around and screwed it into the back of the key hole. This method seems to work because I haven't had any water come in, I even sprayed water directly at the camera with a hose.

    This is what the camera looks like....

    He is also offering an infrared camera that switches from color (during the day) to black/white infrared mode (at night)

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    interesting. i also see that he has the wireless ones too for like nanny spying and ****.

    how are you hooking up this camera? to your PC? or straight to the lilliput?
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    I like it, looks good.
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