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Thread: 97 Celica Vert Powerbook G4 Nearing Completion

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    well, I want to have the carputer to play mp3s, videos, dvds and GPS but with the mac I can do all except.. and that really sucks. Anyways what software do you use for the interface of your system. Itunes ofcourse but what else.. how about to search and play videos?

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    Just VLC to play the videos, and the touchscreen to select them. I have a playlist set up of all my most commonly watched videos tho, and that pops up when I open the proggy. Basically I use, itunes, VLC, DVD player, Safari (lots of hot spots in my town), and Adobe Acrobat (I carry around in my car a LOT of tech manuals.. tech manuals on the powerbook, the car, the stereo system, etc etc etc. Also basic how tos on speaker wiring, the how shibang; it's fun to goto car meets, talk about wiring and then go: here, hop into my car and lets take a look at this schimatic I got the other day" I use that wireless keyboard for any typing; and the touchscreen for the mouse of course)

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    Quote Originally Posted by fandel
    But the problem that I had with it is that first... you can't send it to sleep with touchscreen (you can't get to the corners).
    You can with this little program:
    Super Shut Down
    Just stick it in the dock.


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