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Thread: I dont see too many people running keyboards in car, here is an idea for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by nl4jy
    how much did u pay for that keyboard?

    (I WANT ONE!!!)

    Sorry, I paid $2400 7 years ago for the entire setup. I also have "remote" with a track ball but couldn't find any pics of that. I could not find DVD's for several years after i had my pc. There is a destination on ebay for 40-50 bucks! Worth it! I was using mine as my whole house A/V server before i moved it to the car.

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    That's a cool idea. I agree, it's not too practical but might work out nicely if you use it only occasionally (and never while driving).

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    It's a nice install, but very darn hard to use.
    I have one of those zippy usb keyboard and is under the passenger seat. When needed, I just plug it in put in my lap and type. But most the time, the passenger type for me.
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    Imagine that...

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    This is my second one of these to see in a sunvisor. Very unpractical and even a silly modification to me.

    If the sunvisor was removable, that is one thing b/c it would be a good way to have an "in car keyboard" (ICK) that is easy to stow away. Other than that, who types with their arms in the air? Maybe bodybuilders...

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    Hey aren't you the kid that asked Frodo to change his signature cause you thought he was saying ten types of people in this world instead of two?

    Lol sorry, I just had offense meant

    ...but you will never hear the end of it i'm sure.

    [edit] On a side note, I also use an RF KB in my lap, but only for GPS addresses
    CarPC install is starting to come along again...

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    I find it practical for quick typing, still plan on having an RF keyboard for typing long lines of text.

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    Why is it impractical?

    Are you really going to type a thesis paper in the car anyway? The sunvisor is probably one of the best (stock-looking) places to mount a keyboard in a vehicle... I for one am going to use my Carputer for light typing only, and plan on having an extended USB cable for my Zippy 610 when I finally mount it in the visor... and am going to make a spring-loaded casing where a button can be pressed to detach the keyboard from the visor and sit on my lap.
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    Everyone is saying this is impractical.

    Here's my take.

    First off kudos for setting that up. Regardless of what others say, it's your car, your carpc and it looks like you worked hard for the result. To that... nice job.

    Now... as said before. You're not going to type a thesis on here. (That comment made me flashback to college days and writing papers in the car. Long story.) I think if you're a touch typer (can type without looking) then it may be OK for quick inputs. But if you're a hunt & pecker (have to look and type with two fingers) then it is really a pain. But either way, it is also an funny typing position that may take some getting used to.
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    GPS addresses, renaming files, search without the use of an on screen keyboard

    its gotta be totally impractical. I guess.

    I really do hate clutter in my car, I must say. clean = stock, not just that you painted your bodykit the color of the vehicle.

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