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Thread: 2002 Mazda Protege

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    Da*n, this thread is old.....of course I hardly visit here anymore.

    doodsmack, I still want to see your system sometime. Need to redo mine after getting it all installed in the dash and then not liking the way I did it.
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    This is what I've been doing in my '01 MP3:


    It's a little old and I'm in the brainstorming process of re-doing the monitor. Seems that 100+ degrees in the summer and 0 degrees in the winter need to be considered when fab'ing a dash piece.

    I'm looking at the motorized single din units. Any other protege owners ever installed one? Do they fit?



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    Do you have any pictures of how that digitalww screen looks when closed?
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    Hmm in the really long process of doing this in my 2001 ES too... I'm actually making a custom box to fit under the passenger seat. With the air vents under the seats the box can be 14x9x3 which is just enough room. I thought about the custom box in the glovebox but as it is I bought another center console so I can relocate my HU to the little pocket under the cig lighter. Going to either bend the supports to fit it in or cut them and weld in wider pieces.

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    I did just that.
    I've got an aftermarket deck mounted under/behind the glovebox with the faceplate relocated in that little pocket under the cig lighter.
    Carpc under the passenger seat and screen in the dash.

    Unfortunately there's no room to mount the aftermarket deck behind the screen in the dash. So the only downside is that the deck is visible under the glovebox.

    I'm really happy with this setup. If I could only eliminate the alternator whine!
    I'll post pics when I get a chance.

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