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Thread: 2001 Honda Civic Sedan Carputer.

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    2001 Honda Civic Sedan Carputer.

    Ok im finally done!
    took me about 2 weeks to install everything.

    1.2 GHZ IBM thinkpad laptop with thinkpad dock.
    350 watt inverter.
    Stock head unit.
    7" touchscreen monitor.
    Playstation 2.

    Basically i have the dock mounted in the trunk and i just dock the laptop whenever i go cruising. the laptop is powered of DC-DC adaptor and the inverter is for the PS2.

    painted the bondo black, this pic was taken before it was painted.

    pic of the back of the lcd.

    here is the redone console.

    middle of painting, putting on two more coats after this pic.

    here is the final results
    sorry for the crappy pics i took them with my sony clie,

    head unit relocated. i didnt mold it all the way to the black part cuz im planning to get an aftermarket later on.

    that black thing on the bottom is the IR sensor for the remote. i still havent found a place for it yet so i just stuff it in the little compartment under the head unit.
    funny story, when i was reconnecting the HU back in the time was exactly 1:00 so the clock is matched up to the real time.

    BTW my cup holders are useless!!!
    i think once i get a smaller HU i will be able to fit cups in there again.

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    thats a smooth install... real clean expect the IR sensor but everything else looks close to stock nice job
    Quote Originally Posted by menudude View Post
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...

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    nice fabrication skills, will be much ebtter when you get a nice head unit
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    would you post a pic of the power and laptop install?

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    nice install on the screen. but what is sticking out your radio?

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    That is such a great place for that LCD. Very nice fabrication. I wish I had mine placed that high with a nice inset to cut down on glare.

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    Nice, Ill pretty much be installing mine the same way in my 99 Civic Sedan. cept ill have the pc behind the screen inside all that empty space :P

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    Bootiful job on that screen! Detatch that ir sensor and relocate it to the air vent.
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    I'd like to see this in a 99-00 Civic....cause thats the dash I'm thinkin about goin with.
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    i actually got the idea from somone who did this in a 99 civic. the dash is very similar.

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