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Thread: Honda accord 1988

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    Honda accord 1988

    Car: Honda accord 1988

    Car computer:
    Via EPIA 800 mhz
    256 ram
    40 gig hdd
    Lilliput montior

    Screen: (power switch for inverter between passenger seat and middle thingie)

    (Large pic)

    Screen with anti theft device:

    (Large pic)

    Computer in trunk:

    (Large pic)

    Close up of computer, including the small towel to keep the computer in place

    (Large pic)

    It was fun putting everything together. That nice case I have the computer in use to be my tv computer's case but my tv computer got a better case

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    Some original anti-theft equipment you got there
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    is it a little too low too see the screen?
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    nice accord. I have a 99 accord with the project almost done. I was going to put a cheap system into my old 83 accord hatchback, but then it wouldn't start so my parents donated it. lets see some exterior pics.

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