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Thread: 2004 Subaru Wrx

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    stockport, cheshire, uk
    DJ WATTS, thats me alright I was at blackpool with frank for the first bbo, couldn't go to this years as my car was in the body shop (my old one, not the above one )
    Could you please send me details and pics if possible, or maybe we could meet up somewhere to compare notes? I am desperate to get sounds back in the car, and the screen is the one thing thats stopping me at the mo',

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    Hi buddy nice to hear from you...

    Well i have quite a few pics but for now here are a couple i can find quickly ive posted on the net.

    Screen custom fitted into the 2din space

    the power supply can be seen here and is permanently located behind the screen in the space at back but it went tits up on me and ended up frying my first PC

    Shot of how it looks now but i will be replacing the iverter with the shutdown controller above mentioned by MikeH

    Hopefully i will get a full feature together soon and do a proper write up.

    If you are looking to put a new 7" screen in the 2din space in your scooby you will have to custom fit the touchsceen and cut it up a little (now that is scary) and then glue it in place with the board on an angle on the back.
    You will also need to relocate the main head unit to the top where the optional 3 dials can go (instead on the boring clock).
    You can get the pod replacements from subaru parts direct and i think they are about £30 or thereabouts.
    My screen is a Gains 7" VGA Touchscreen and is probably the best lcd screen to get. At a little over £200 its not the cheapest but from what i have read up it was a sensible purchase and one i have enjoyed so far trouble free (touch wood).
    With my setup i have Sat nav, ECUTEK delta dash, webcam and more and the only thing missing was the shutdown controller to auto on off with ignition. Whats more interesting with the controller i have got, is it can pulse start so i can set it to auto boot the pc with say the car alarm or whatever but i am unsure about a few things using this setup, for example if i turn the iginition off and then pc shuts down and i then press my alarm to arm the car, will it turn on the pc with the alarm armed or not?

    Lots of questions and plenty of wiring with this controller needs sorting but the end result will be sweet indeed.

    Oh and the Scooby is off the road at the moment due to a broken driveshaft which i have a replacement part sat here across from me and i am awaiting that repair before i can make a start with this update to my carputer.

    Anyways nice talking and good luck with the install.
    IWILL ZPC P4 2.8 - 512MB DDR 333mhz - CDRW/DVD - 40GB 5400rpm (8meg cache) - ITPS - GAINS/XENARC 7" Touchscreen

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    stockport, cheshire, uk

    installing screen

    Dj watts, thanks for all those pictures, I may have a go this weekend and putting my screen in place
    One thing I wont be doing is installing an original headunit, as I have a power amp to go incar instead. I didn't use a HU for my other install, and apart from some feedback issues, it worked great.
    The biggest problem for me is the screen install, and I'm still tempted to go the pull out din install route, if only for the security issues. Did you have any luck finding an old facia you could install over the screen when left? I read on another thread about someone using magnets to keep a cover in place, as lcd's dont suffer from bleed with magnets like crt's do. Could be an idea. You can pick up old 2 din stereo on ebay for a 10 these days, cheap security
    Still up for coming over to look at your install, can you pm me your address?
    Hope to see you soon,

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