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Thread: 1992 Subaru SVX ITX, Xenarc TS, DVD-ROM, Digital Audio Processor

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    1992 Subaru SVX ITX, Xenarc TS, DVD-ROM, Digital Audio Processor

    I've always browsed around this site but have never ever posted my projects. I had one in my 1999 Infiniti G20 which I was able to stuff the whole computer in the dash behind the LCD screen. (More info: ).

    But here's my 1992 Subaru SVX Specs:

    Via Mini ITX 800MHz motherboard
    Powercool 1U 12V ATX Power Supply which outputs god loads of current flawlessly - but I don't think this supply is for sale anymore.
    Standard 128MB RAM, and 80GB Hard Drive
    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound Card
    Xenarc 7" Touch Screen (modified to fit in a double din casing - yes that means I had to modify the circuit board because it would've been bigger than the 4" height restriction).

    Windows XP Professional
    Windows Media Player 9
    Microsoft Agent
    Sound Control
    Mobile Computer Interface V3.0
    -> Voice Recognition
    -> Access to Audio and Video database

    Bells and whistles:
    Voice Recognition microphone built into rear view mirror
    Steering Wheel Controls to adjust the volume and toggle voice recognition

    Audio System:
    Digital Signal Processor:
    Alpine PXA-H701
    Alpine RUX-C701

    JBL BPx1100.1
    JBL Px300.4

    Focal K2Power 6 1/2"s
    Audiobahn ALUM12Qs fiberglassed

    And lastly some pictures:

    I have more pics but: For more pics and information on the software goto:


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    badazzz install

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    I'm Feelin that MCI software. 2.0 version looks good. Cool car with a killer setup. Never new subaru made that car. Those wheels look good on it.
    Status: [|||||||||-] 90% finished
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    Awesome ! nice neat and tidy I am however stumped at your steering wheel controls, how did you do that ?
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    The steering wheel controls were actually quite simple. I checked out the wiring diagram for the subaru svx and found that there are two wires controling the three buttons. One wire went high (positive) when one button was pressed, the other high when the other button was pressed, and then they both went high when the middle button was pressed. To make life easy I used a digital decoder and hooked up the two wires to it. I tied the enable line of the decoder to the cruise control ON button so that everytime I wanted to use the cruise control, my circuit would shut down and the car's cruise control would work just like normal.

    The 2to4 decoder would read the inputs and make the correct output high accordingly. Decoder's are awesome because they can become pretty complex without the use of relays.

    I bought a very cheap keyboard for $5, took it apart and traced to the keys I needed. The circuit acts by when the cruise control button is pressed, a hot key is pressed on the keyboard which activates the function on the computer ...pretty simple.

    Once I have the correct output for each cruise control button I fed the circuit into transistors so that I can switch relays from the low current decoder. I decided to use three combinations:

    CTRL+ALT+D - Volume Down
    CTRL+ALT+U - Volume Up
    ScrollLock - Activate Voice Recognition

    ScrollLock required just one relay, but the ctrl+alt commands were different. I had to delay the relays hitting ctrl+alt so that those buttons were pressed before the D or U......if not the computer wouldn't know CTRL+ALT+key was pressed. I just threw a capacitor in parallel with the key buttons to delay them and it worked.

    I hope that helped. I do have a schematic floating around somewhere, but it is quite basic:

    Subaru Cruise Module -> Digital Decoder -> Boost Transistors -> Relays -> Keyboard Card from Keyboard.

    Here's a picture:

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    Great install on an awesome car! A very rare and underrated performer. Now if they only came with a manual...
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    Soon to actually find its way into the car!

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    Thanks for all the positive comments!! I've had a carputer for about 2 years now and I don't see myself ever buying another regular receiver! There's just so much more you can do with a carputer - it's insane. I'm hoping I can use some RTA equipment so that I can set up the vehicle for sound quality .......I know I have all the right equipment to do it so we'll see.

    The SVX is an awesome car. AWD is definitely a plus, and the engine does have potential with it's base 230hp and 228lb-ft torque, fellow SVXers are currently working on superchargers and turbos for the H-6 has the potential to beat an STi easily. I plan on swapping my automatic for a manual just as soon as it breaks ......I don't think it will take longer than a week to do since I do have access to a lift.

    snmnetwork -> I checked out ur install and I think it came out really good!! Anyone else have links to their installs?

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    so what class and what sanctioning body will you be competing in?

    looks good from what I have seen!
    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    I have a question about how you have you sound connected. Are you using the digital out from the Santa Cruz into your sound processors? (please say yes )

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    Red GTi -> Competing is still up in the air. I want to try to get the equipment first to see how the stock speaker locations are working out. I have a feeling before I get hardcore I'd have to modify the front speakers so they produce a fuller sound. The DSP helps a lot with time correction and I've noticed a significant improvement in sound. Overall it's just a nice stereo system to get in and listen to.

    ppgt94 -> The Santa Cruz does not have an optical output The PXA-H701 only takes RCA or optical inputs. So I bought an Coax -> Optical converter which works flawlessly. I have one problem which is very annoying though - I cannot control the SP/DIF volume from the santa cruz, but I can control the WAV volume. So basically, I have to adjust the volume from the DSP which makes my steering wheel controls somewhat useless. I don't know if it's just the santa cruz sound card or it's something with the coax -> optical conversion.

    I'm strongly considering getting a new P4 ITX board and using the onboard digital out so I could ditch all PCI cards - smaller is always better

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