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Thread: 1998 GMC Jimmy

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    1998 GMC Jimmy

    Still an install that I can't quit adding to - but here's where I am..

    Comments are welcome!

    Side note: Just moved off the 'egg' from the Lilliput - wired directly to the computer's power supply, and all audio noise / video problems are gone! Thanks for the tip guys!

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    looks very nice!!
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    yo how do u get thoes real time satellite piture?! i want to have that! very nice set up fill me in on the navigational system image

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    It's called USAPhotoMaps by Doug Cox. I downloaded most of the area I'm usually driving in so it'll have the data ready.
    His site is:

    I also wrote a script to pull individual SSID data from Netstumbler logs and map all points on the map (and level) that the unit in question was picked up.
    (I work for a wireless Internet company, so kind of something I threw together for my own testing purposes)

    USAPhotoMaps downloads aerial photo and topo map data from Microsoft's free TerraServer Web site, saves it on your hard drive, and creates seamless maps. You can:

    Scroll and zoom
    See the latitude/longitude
    Add waypoints, routes, and text
    Jump to any waypoint or latitude/longitude in the U.S.A.
    Transfer waypoints, tracks, and routes to and from most GPS receivers
    See your GPS location
    And much more.

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    very sweet!! yea how do u map the wireless networks to a position on the map? and where did you get the cool looking sat imagery?!

    guess u already answered!!
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    Very nice. Is that a Sony HU?
    btw I like your new nighttime skin...

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    One is a perl script I wrote to add the points (by unit) to the map. I've added anything < 11mb connect to be posted on the map as red now, but I'm still 'tweaking' it. If you're just looking to map the best/strongest locations of each network - NetStumber2USA It'll take your summary output from NetSumbler and map it for you. My script takes the FULL file (usually megs of data) and pulls out the search SSID. I actually show maps of each on the site.

    As for the head unit - yep that's a Sony. Picked it up because I needed the sub outputs and it has like 7 colors the face can be changed to. (I liked the first part, wife liked the second)

    I've had a Sony unit in my GT-37 for years, and it's still working great - so I went with 'em again. Their Xplode speakers & amps didn't seem overly impressive, but I like the head units.

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