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    Pt CruiserPuter

    ok so after much consideration I finally landed on this site. You guys convinced me to build my own carputer.

    Who cares what anyone thinks, I love my PT!
    So the parts I ended up with:
    Via Epia m10000 MB
    256mb Ram
    80 gig 5.25" seagate HD
    windows XP pro
    lilliput 7" touchscreen lcd
    Intel Webcam
    Delorme GPS
    $14.99 mini keyboard
    pioneer slot load dvd
    Opus 90watt PS
    belkin pci wifi card
    siig fm transmitter (until I get an amp)

    so where to put it all? how about the cd drawer that I NEVER use? PERFECT!!
    talk about easy access & hideability!!

    so I ended up mounting the MB with a protective layer of foam under it inside the drawer. the only modding I had to do was to cut a slice out of the back to allow for the cables & connections to protrude.

    the only thing I have left to do is custom mount the lcd in the dash and installing the webcam in the back (for a back-up camera / rear view TV) and finish cleaning up the wiring.

    I also need to change the speakers over to an amp so I can remove the factory unit, but that will come later!!

    I also made a custom wav file for windows startup that reminds everyone to be safe & wear a seatbelt - but in a silky cool female chick voice (thanks to AT&T's natural voice)

    if any of you would like a custom 'intro' for your car then let me know. I do a little sound design for my band & will hook you up

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    When you get a chance you should really mount that LCD somewhere. Better yet, mold it in a dash panel. Maybe it's the pictures because they aren't very clear. It looks really half-assed just laying on the floor.

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    yea I know, I'm not happy with it hanging out either, but it's not half assed. I took the time to mount it on the console & wrap all the wires for the time being.

    I'm still searching to see if anyone else with a pt has come up with a good in-dash solution. My problem is I can't really mount it until I get another amp to power the door speakers - otherwise I'd be playing mp3's and only listening to bass - ghetto.

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