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Thread: 2003 Honda Accord Ex V6 puter

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    Hey all, I had a BMW 328i, which i put a 7 inch touchscreen with a computer running, mp3, video, dvd, xm radio, navigation, internet access via bluetooth phone, cd player, and playstaton 2...that was about 4 years ago, since then i sold my bmw bought a 04 ford explorer and did nothing to it, well 2 weeks ago, i bought an 05 Honda Accord 2dr coupe, v6 EX, 6 Speed Manual Transmition fully loaded.....and i have been doing some searching on possibly putting in the same computer system i had in my bmw.

    I see what your doing and it is very simalar to what i did, and i would love to see how it finishes, post as many pics as possible, i am looking to do the same thing either in that console or possible fiberglassing a 7 or a 9 inch lcd above the radio on the dash


    not my car, quickly done in photoshop

    so have you ever seen something done like this to an accord?

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    Hey Google you have any tips on running the wire through the carpet and how to remove the center console? Thanks for your help
    Car: 2007 Honda Accord Sedan SE

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    You all are not looking to hard I guess, Another Accord Bezel! Pics, _nexson_

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