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Thread: 2002 Montero Limited Install...

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    love the install but have a question

    How did you get the sub to play out of the sub channel? I have an audigy 2nx but can only get sound from the center channel

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    Hey where do you think that I can get that compass that you have on top of the monitor?



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    thats a stock display on the montero limited. it's tapped into the ecu because it displays other car specific info
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    Scott_fx is correct.. factory display that shows all the HVAC, compass, milage remaining, temperatures, etc.. the japanese version has an actual nav screen in that
    top section and the pocket below... but they never ever released it here and now the truck is out of production (2005 last year).

    For the laptop switch, I just cracked the laptop open and soldered wires to the switch... worked great..
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    OP I hope you still browse these forums.

    I really want to see your install, but the pics are down.

    There are hardly any info or owners who fix up Monteros. It's a nice ride and I really want to get ideas for when I get mine.

    Can you reup the pics.

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    check my montero

    this was my install in my 2002 montero (stolen).
    2002 mitsubishi montero
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