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Thread: 2005 Scion tC Media System

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    if you were able to afford those expensive *** 18" wheels, why didn't you just get the 10" sub upgrade, throw that nice MTX in it with some minor mods which will bump, trust me....then hide the computer and amp like under the seat in a nice enclosure so the underseat lights will show off the coolness?

    Thats the color my girl's gonna get. I almost bought a Silver Streak Mica TC with the body kit, TRD exhaust, AEM Cold Air Intake, and those 18" wheels...but the 18" wheels are INSANLY priced. And I was like 2k over what they able to finance me for unless I somehow got a pay increase. I still might get one...since It is a kick *** car, especialy the 5spd, with TRD exhaust and short throw shifter....The Pioneer in dash cd changer is ok....I like that it changes colors even tho I'll keep it blue, but I just dont really like buttons for volume, I'd rather have a volume knob....which is why I would definatly do a touch screen with a rotary volume knob custom installed into the dash somewheres.

    Gorgeous car man. tC's are only becomming popular here by kill! Meaning everyone hates them, until they get thier *** handed to one thats fully stock lmao...quick little car's.
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    What skin is that you're running, skeet?
    Aut cum scuto, aut in scuto

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    alpine skin for media car
    DICE Los Angeles

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    Quote Originally Posted by wutangman
    Very nice!! Finally a tC installation

    I'm also an owner of a Scion tC and am in the process of putting together my carputer.

    Did you have to take the lilliput out of its casing to fit it in the double din slot? I just ordered my screen and hope I don't have to take apart the monitor to make it fit.
    Thanks for the compliment!

    Sorry for the bad news, but not only do you have to remove the lilliput from its casing, you also have to cut off the button portion of the front bezel. Then you just need to epoxy the frame into the door cubby (which does remove from the a/c controller panel). I had to make a custom bracket to fasten the lilliput boards to in the cubby.

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    Do you have install pics? I'm going to buy a tC as soon as they release the supercharger for it.
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    you whores! i wanted to have the first scion install
    jk, great job there, i dont know if i would have been able to cut up a brand new car like that

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    Sweet install!! That stock screen cover works AWESOME for your screen install!!

    Congrats and enjoy!

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    This just makes me want that tC even more. yours is pretty much how I want mine!
    very nice, but i still have bigger subs Woo Woo!!!!

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    i have a super white scion tc and ive been thinking of a carputer for a long time. what was the hardest part of the install, what steps did you take, do you have any pics of the process?

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    Looks really nice. I like the cover over the video screen. Looks like it fit well. I would however put at least my hard drive on the other side of the MB. Keep that thing as far from the magnets on that sub as you can. Don't want to see bits and bytes falling off the platter after some stereo playing action ya know.
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