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Thread: 1985 Celica Supra MP3-Car w/ Inverted Power

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmfdmk
    I got the 10.4" planar and haven't been able to get it to go above 640x480!!!
    Because it won't!!
    I have three...nice and bright but doesn't support anything above 640X480, you won't find a huge ammount of 10.4 lcd that do!

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    Well apparently the person who sold it to me on ebay was fibbing. I donno if I'll settle for a measly 640x480 for my video or not... I really like having the space of 800*600
    If you're not paranoid, then you're not paying enough attention.

    1985 Supra 7M-GTE
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    not bad...
    yeah why hiding everything.....

    at least you have fun....

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