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Thread: carpc from taiwan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricky327
    Its an old idea, the take away shop have been using the system for ages
    ithere is no such system in taiwan
    and i am so lazy
    so i didn't show off all the project

    i use win98
    and use winamp,msdos
    and use *.bat
    so u type number 104
    it will change the song
    and auotplay
    most important
    i use keyboard with no lcd screen

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    Cool setup!! I love my LCD however!

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    what kind of power supply is that?? DC-DC? how much is it?

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    Good job, i soo want to do this while i'm waiting for check for an do you make winamp jump to a artist from just a number? is this some kinda plugin?
    - Vorex Out

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    nice work man... is there a reason you didn't want an lcd?.. i hear those things are super cheap over there...
    Carputer: 2.8Ghz P4, 512 RAM, 120gb HDD, WIFI, TV tuner, CDRW/DVDROM, Slot load DVD in front.
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    yes it is dc to dc power
    about 35 us dollars

    the reason no lcd i taiwan is
    if u have carpc, your car window will easy broken
    and someone will steal your carpc

    so i didn't want to show off my carpc
    carpc is not popular in taiwan

    how do you make winamp jump to a artist from just a number? is this some kinda plugin?

    i use msdos
    this file context is
    [c:\winamp 1.m3u]
    m3u is wiamp playlist
    got it
    when i enter 1 in msdos
    i will run 1.bat
    so 1.m3u will play
    and 1.m3u is the singer u decide

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