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Thread: 2001 VW Jetta CarPc Install

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    @ Fluxy - There is usually a bezel that surrounds the area around the faceplate (fills in gaps around the 'plate when it is connected) that you may be able to customize as a "housing" for the faceplate (This might be good if you do not have plans to keep the faceplate removeable)...Also, you may be able to remove the actual pieces the faceplate connects to and mold them into that bezel..Then you would have a relocated, removeable faceplate..
    ...Hope this helps!

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    how did you wire the deck above the rear mirror?
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    Quote Originally Posted by semaj4712 View Post
    how did you wire the deck above the rear mirror?
    See post #9 of the thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by *Glow* View Post
    the jvc self is in the glove box, its only the actuator on the headliner. the actuator is associated with the jvc on two cat5 wires. there was no other place for the actuator ;-)

    the jvc mechnic
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