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Thread: ProbePuter 97PGT Finally running

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    ProbePuter 97PGT Finally running

    Well I finally got my car running, then turned to my next project of the computer, and now that runs.

    Sound System:
    Pioneer DEH-P6500
    400w max x 2 12" Polk speakers
    100w x 2 channel USA electronics amplifier
    4x Polk interior speakers. dunno what they are exactly lol.
    Sony 10 CD changer

    2.4ghz P4 OCed from 1.8
    512mb ram
    5 Gig running drive, 40 gig storage drive
    7" LCD mounted in dash
    8" USB keyboard

    The computer is kinda free-floating in my trunk until I get around to making a fiberglass compartment for it, but it works. I can listen to MP3's, and I have MapPoint2004 on it so I can know where I'm going
    Oh, and ignore the crappyness of the AC controls. They're going bye bye soon anyway lol.
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    Dont you think it would be better to bring it back to 1.8ghz? I think you might have temp problems... I dont know if it is hot in your area, but here in brazil I've had tons of problems with heat, on an athlon 1.3 (not over clocked), but maybe its cold there... just something to consider if your mahcine starts rebooting by itself

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    Yeah but he doesn't live in Brazil - he lives in New England (I think)

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    I lived in boston 2 years, and it gets REALLY hot in the summer.....

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    I think you need to fix your suspension Spaghetti, your avatar lady looks pretty uncomfortable!
    ....Yes, I know it has a stupid name, those crazy Japanese!

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