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Thread: 2005 GMC Envoy XL

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    Talking 2005 GMC Envoy XL **UPDATE 1.24.05**

    Well, after many months of debating, I finally decided to build a carPC. Having recently financed a 2005 GMC Envoy, I thought what better way to break it than by building a car pc.

    Mobo: Asus A7N8X-VM Arrived

    CPU: AMD XP 2400 Mobile 35watt Arrived

    HD: Western Digital 120GB 7200RPM 8MB Arrived

    RAM: 512MB PC3200 DDR Arrived

    PSU: Opus 150W Arrived

    CD: Sony CDRW/DVD slim Arrived

    External USB Enclosure: Mapower Arrived

    Screen: Xenarc 700 TSV Arrived

    GPS Receiver: Rikaline 6010 Arrived

    GPS software: CoPilot Live 8 Re-Arrived

    Wireless: Netgear USB 54Mbps Arrived

    OS: Windows XP Professional
    Other: Microsoft Streets & Trips 2005
    Case: Custom (See here
    Mount: ProClip LCD Mount Arrived

    Wire: Amp Wire Kit Arrived

    Keyboard: Mini (and it is really tiny) Arrived

    FM Modulater: Clarion FM200S (have a leased vehicle) Ordered
    Inverter: Xantrex XPower 400 Plus Arrived

    Pictures to come as parts arrive.

    Website Image: (actual to come when the sun comes up)

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    Good luck man, keep us posted and don't forget pics.
    Btw, nice board and cpu compo.
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    512 Ram - 60GB HD - Opus 150w
    Lilliput 7" - Rikaline 6010
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    At least give us a picture of the car. This is the show off areea, so show something off...

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    Xenarc USB Power

    Ok, now it is just about time to start putting together. For powering the Xenarc, I am going to fabricate a USB power cable, to run from the Opus (located in the back) to the front.

    For the USB power cable, I am going to do the following:
    • Take USB cables from old USB LAN adapters
    • Splice cables together to get correct length
    • Create a PCB or similar to connect power cable to custom Power USB port
    • Connect custom USB power port to Opus 12v & ground

    Seems like it will work just fine. Anyone got any inputs?

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    never saw those pro clips before.looking into those now. so all u do is put it opn ur vents of im guessing correctly?? looking forward to seein the install pics.
    ..and dont back out just because u think its too crazi , i hate pussies

    epia m1000,256mb ddr,7"lilli,120gb hdd, Ati remote wonder,400watt inverter,350psu all under xp pro-installed

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    Yea, the snap onto your console or vents. They are awesome if you don't want to build/mod your dash. I will definately post some pics.

    Connected to Xenarc:

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    WOH! You got the Remote control with the Xenarc!! Can you please take some shots of the remote and the IR Receiver? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hd54321
    WOH! You got the Remote control with the Xenarc!! Can you please take some shots of the remote and the IR Receiver? Thanks!

    IR (on left):

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    Looks great so far, keep us updated... Im buying my items over the next couple of weeks.

    HD54321: My 700tsv also came with a remote also, where did u source ur monitor from?

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    Where are you planning on mounting your hardware?? I'm also really interesting in seeing how this clip actually mounts. I have a Trailblazer and I thought about doing something similar, but I'm really trying to keep it prestine.

    Also, how are getting sound into the sound system?? Do you have the factory sound system?
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