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Thread: Ford Transit 2004 Europe

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    Ford Transit 2004 Europe

    I have been quit busy since 3 months building my carputer. I have finally made some time to post some information and some pictures of my project.
    I have used an old pc case and have made a new small case that can just hold the MOBO, the HD and a small AGP Geforce2 video card. I liked the custom resolution you can set in the driver (800x480).
    The OPUS150 is attached under the case and everything is mounted under the passenger seat together with a second battery. As you can see, looking at the pictures, my car is a complete custom made camper with a full featured home cinema in the back.
    I use a Lilliput 7” screen with enabled touch screen (not used when driving).(12V from OPUS)
    Since the screen is in the middle of the car (too far for touching) I have used a steering wheel remote control (RC10 from Blaupunkt) with a serial IR receiver. I have written some VB code to do what I want (mouse control, volume, mute, all kind of selections…)
    I also just have bought a RF wireless mouse (my son calls it a faser from Star Trek) and a small wired keyboard which I will attach to the roof of the cabin.
    I have a camera at the back connected to a USB TV/radio tuner.
    In the dash I have integrated a DVR/CD slimline unit with USB 2 (5V from OPUS)
    COM1 IR receiver
    COM2 trigger for the camera (FrodoPlayer)
    USB2 Bluetooth for GPS and GSM
    USB3 TV/Radio tuner
    USB4 touch screen
    USB6 reserved for serial converter for OBDII connection

    Here is the link with some pictures:
    Car: Ford Transit 2004
    Carputer: Asus A7V400-MX, GForce2, Lilliput 7", RF mouse, Blaupunkt IR steeringwheel control, Bluetooth, USB video with CCD camera, BT GPS, Slimline CD/DVD
    Software: Frodo, PhoneControl, Alturion

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    ha, een mede transit genoot.

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    Nice, clean install, must be great to go camping with that.

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