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Thread: 2 LCDs 2 touchscreens sport trac, check it out

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    I really like the fact that you use the kenwood as central with gps, your install is pretty similar to mine, I'm using an alpine touchscreen w/nav & multiple screens too..... I like the pc as a slave approach rather than the pc as the only head unit....there just not quite as good for that always there, instant on feeling,,,,, keep up the good work...........

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    Yeah, that is why i wanted a seperate Head unit as well,, sometimes i jump in the truck and have a short ride and its just not worth it for me to boot up the computer. Its nice that everything works together or any one of them can work by themselves.

    Here are some shots of my ride, be sure to scroll all the way down:

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    I know this is an old thread but if the OP is still around please respond. I am starting an Explorer Carputer and have questions about your lower screen install. Just wondering if you had the stock trip computer there and what ya did with it. My Ex has one and I have an OBD-II coming but wonder if you just yanked yours out or if there were some tricks involved.

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