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Thread: 2003 H2 Hummer

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    What kind of screens are them in the headrests they donít look like they are any vga screen I have seen and if they arenít how did u get the video to them form the pc did u have any trouble getting movies to show up on all at once?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsmoller
    what does everyone think of amp install under the back seats like that?

    do the seats still go down all the way? what about heat???

    That's what I was wondering too. I guess it depends on how much heat the amp puts off. I also wonder about how it affects the cushioning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppgt94
    That's what I was wondering too. I guess it depends on how much heat the amp puts off. I also wonder about how it affects the cushioning.
    I donít think u are getting that picture right I think that the h2 has seats like a Yukon the botome of the back seats fold up so u can lay the back of the seet flat so u donít affect the cushioning at all there is room under the seat when it is floded down to put the amps the seats function just like normal

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    Quote Originally Posted by frodobaggins
    Need an H1 install.
    I'll be doing one later this year. I'll keep you guys posted.

    Try RevFE
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    i have a 99 escalade...about the amps being underneath the seat..its ok because theres alooot of room underneath and alot of airflow. my carputer is currently underneath the rear seat! plenty of room there! if you look closely you can tell its an open space

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    i think in the 4runner there is no open space, but i'll try an experiment w/a book

    next - wifi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phowell23 View Post
    Here is the XM PCR attenna installed on roof of Hummer. Look closely...
    does it work better there

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    Quote Originally Posted by philrollerz View Post
    does it work better there
    1st of all, this thread is almost 2 years old.

    2nd, an antenna always works *better* when it can *see* its transmitter.

    XM is not terrestrial, so point it to the sky. Roof is good. Because it is a digital signal, and not analogue, the signal strength doesn't really matter as much.
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    Although its an old thread that was n00b bumped, mine as well say it anyways....

    Those spinners are crap.

    The displays in the headrests, are they touchscreen?
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    After spending over US$60k in a superfluous all-show car i'd expect a way cleaner install and top of the line gear... Let's face it, H2's look awesome, but they're the crappiest thing to ever hit the road; they are expensive, uncomfortable, huge gas swallowers and any cheap compact beats him on the road while most low budget suv's can overtake them on offroad.
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