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Thread: Project "Ford Windstar XP"

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    Project "Ford Windstar XP"

    Project Name: Ford Windstar XP (or Windstar XP for short)
    Car: 1996 Ford Windstar
    Basic Stereo Info: Stock AM/FM/Tape but being removed and replaced by the carpc (technically the screen is taking its place, but the carpc will handle all the entertainment functions)
    Project Status: Detailed Planning Stage

    the project is going to be a windows xp based computer built into a '96 Ford Windstar. so far here are the specs of the computer going into this project (the computer im on now is going to be used btw):

    Intel d82845g motherboard with onboard video/sound/LAN (lan will be disabled upon car installation since it wont be needed)
    2GHZ Celeron
    512MB DDR RAM (possibly dropped to 256 depending on circumstances like hibernation time, power usage, etc..)
    60GB 7200RPM 3.5" IBM DeskStar

    now this is all thats currently available and will be used. here are just generic ideas of whats going to be bought to be added in:

    150W Opus PSU (double checked calculations and the opus should suffice until a 200W is released)
    Slim Slot Load DVD/CD-RW (possibly DVD burner if price and availability help)
    PCI Wifi Card with external antenna
    GPS Receiver
    TV/FM Tuner (might wait till the homebrew fm tuner discussed in the Hardware forum is released)
    Cell Phone (not yet decided. will probably wait till later to add this on)
    Phidget 4-Servo Controller Card (for HVAC control since the hvac controls will be removed for screen room)
    Amplifier (still not yet decided. still waiting to see if the van has a stock amp or not).

    thats about all the updates for now. any future updates will either be posted here or on the project's website or both.
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    Well, thanks to some graciously needed help over at, i have found that our '96 Windstar does indeed have a seperate amplifier and can easily be hooked up to the PC with a special harness easily available from many audio stores that deal in stock components.

    so with that obstacle out of the way, im very relieved.
    Your everyday carpc geek and tech guru at your service. *bow*

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    Sounds interesting, but this section is kind of only for completed projects. I'm sure a mod will move it though. Good luck with the project, hope it turns out well!

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