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Thread: Toyota Celica PC install...

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    Cheers guys, thankis for the props !!...the car's a 1994 model (same as the 92) I'll take some more pickies...whats kb ??

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    Oh, sorry, I ment keyboard. Do you have any neons in the trunk?

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    5th Gen.. '90 to '93...

    I have a '90 GTS Hatchback.. Silver.. love it.. 5spd.. it's great.. only thing I need is the engine swap.

    Anyway, I looked through the entire forum and at the very last page at the bottom I find this 5th Gen Celica.. I was so hoping to find one and I did!

    I like how you put the LCD in there.. It gives me idea's.. however I don't think it really would work for me.. I'd like to go with an 8 or 9" LCD.. I don't wanna lose my cup holders though.. I didn't have them in my '89 corolla coupe and it fricken drove me crazy.. Not to mention I lose my head unit spot..

    I've been thinking of where to actually set the computer up.. I'm all into discrete.. out of eye-site real clean installations..

    So I'm thinking under one of the front seats.. mounted to the bottom of the seat so it doesn't sit on the floor.. Probably do a track-ball install somewhere in the center console... Make up a bracket with USB and some other plugs and put it on the side of the head unit plastic.. like where the passenger's left leg would be..

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    From your pic it looks like a short shifter swap is definitly needed in order to not block the screen.. if I go down to the bottom where the ash tray would sit.. and go out wider.. I could get quite a big screen in there... Any thoughts guys on a good real sharp screen for a decent dollar... As low profile as possible as well.. thin as possible..

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